Internet of Things in Polytechnics

July 25, 2021
Home Automation in Technology University

L3 Homeation Singapore (2019). Polytechnics in Singapore was always ahead in introduce applied subject in new technology. As it became more apparent that Internet of Things would be the next big thing, Polytechnics in Singapore continued to enhance the coverage of IoT in the syllabus.

L3 Homeation is a well established IoT company in Singapore and has numerous experience in introducing IoT in Educational institute. Since 2019, L3 Homeation was given the opportunity to work with the Polytechnic to enhance on the IoT systems for education.

The IoT system introduced for education has be open for integration, user-friendly and yet scalable to adapt to the different level/stage of the teaching. Contact us if you are keen to know more about how we can tailor such IoT system to the needs of your syllabus and we are willing to share our experience with you.