About Us

About Us

L3 Homeation - A Smart Home, Automation and Smart Security Solution Company

If you are here because you want to build your smart home, to build home automation as an ID design feature for your clients, or to introduce smart control and automation features into your new projects, then you have come to the right place!

In the past, automation, security and electrical control for residential home and project used to be costly, time consuming and tedious to be installed, as most of the system utilising wired technology that required all the components and controller to be hard-wired to one another. Today with the advance of wireless technology and devices, implementing smart home, smart control and security in residential home and project becomes more affordable, scalable and faster. Nonetheless, it requires new set of skillset and more technical knowledge to deploy the wireless smart home system effectively and achieve best results, given that wireless devices may subject to higher possibility of interference from external devices.

L3 Homeation is setup by a group of engineers with the knowledge and vision to help user in Singapore and the South East Asia region to setup the home automation system effectively and successfully to achieve the objective whether in security, convenience & productivity, energy saving or cost saving. For the past decade, L3 team has installed thousands of homes in various property type with over tenth thousand of smarts devices and products. Besides Z-Wave, Zigbee, WiFi devices that we supply, we have helped to setup integration to various smart devices such as Amazon Echo, Amazon Alexa, Google Home, Google Assistant, Google Nest, HomeKit, etc.

Contact us regarding your query, dream or idea on home automation, and we will share with you our know-how, best practices and experience in the setup of Smart Home System and the deployment of smart devices.

About Us
About Us


  • IMDA Approved Z-Wave Products Importer and Distributor in Singapore (License #: DA106732)
  • Authorized FIBARO Partner in Singapore
  • Daikin's Smart Solution Partner for projects in Singapore
  • Authrorized Dealer of MCO Home Products
  • Authorized Doorbird Partner
  • Official Dealer of Aeon Lab Products
  • Official Dealer of Yale Digital Locks


  • Distribution Of Z-Wave Products
  • Consultation Of Home Automation Projects (Singapore And Overseas)
  • Developing IoT solutions for projects
  • Retailing Home Automation / Smart/ Security Devices and products
  • Installation Of Home Automation Systems (Residential / Office / Project)


  • Abreast with the Home Automation Technology
  • Experience with Home Automation Systems
  • In-house technical and installation team
  • Close partnership with major brand and products maker

Why You Can Trust L3 Homeation

z-wave alliance

A member of z-wave alliance

Z-wave alliance accepted L3 Homeation as its member since 2016 and their business partner in Singapore.

Singapore smart home

A leading Singapore smart home solution company

L3 Homeation is an undisputed leading company in the smart home industry has its own certified installation team in Singapore.

L3 installed FIBARO smart home system in multiple large scale projects.

Fibaro distributor

FIBARO Partner

L3 Homeation has been appointed FIBARO Partner in Singapore since 2015.

Under the agreement, L3 Homeation will distribute the latest products of FIBARO and provide their after sales services.

Doorbird distributor

Doorbird Authorized Partner

L3 Homeation has been appointed Doorbird Authorized Partner in Singapore since 2016.

Our Experience

L3 Homeation is a Home Automation product distributor and Smart Solution provider in Singapore and the region. We are specialize in Smart Home projects and intelligent home automationtechnology. We have many years of experience involved in home automation in Singapore using Z-Wave, WiFi, ZigBee, LoRA and Bluetooth protocols.

Home automation is getting popular in Singapore and South East Asia. With our experience, we provide consulting and installation service and advising on the best practices to users who are interested in starting their home automation for their home, their office or their projects in Singaproe and South East Asia.

About Us