DoorBird IP Video Door Station D101S - Silver

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Polycarbonate Housing, Strato-Silver Edition

incl. Stainless-Steel Faceplate ∙ Surface-Mounted

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With DoorBird IP Video Door station D101S, a smart intercom, you can answer to the doorbell press at a fingertip, no matter where you are. You may also add on DoorBird IP Indoor Station A1101 (sold separately) to answer the doorbell press from inside the home, or simply setup the DoorBird apps on an iPad/Tablet to use as an indoor station.

D101S can be connected to one of your existing main gate, side gate, EM Lock or any other electrical control lock to control it from the Apps and the Indoor Station. With special setup and hardware, D101S can be setup to control digital lock or even connect to smart home system.

D101S can be connected to the network through WiFi if the WiFi coverage is good, however it is recommended to connect through LAN cable to achieve better connectivity. D101S can be power by PoE (Power Over Ethernet) when it is connected to a PoE data switch.

The specification can be found in the D101S Datasheet.


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DoorBird IP Video Door Station D101S - Silver

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