FIBARO Singapore and L3 Homeation in Martin Modern Project

July 25, 2021
Smart Home Automation System in Martin Modern

The smart home trends has been sweeping Singapore new development estate as of late, with more and more developers integrate smart home system in their projects. They automate various aspects of their units, including security, entertainment, lighting system as well as climate control.

Developers understood that home owners like the ability to monitor and in control of their home while they are away from it. They also love being able to keep an eye on their loved ones to ensure that they are safe at all times.

Guocoland Limited Group is launching its luxury residential condominium project, Martin Modern, with FIBARO smart home automation as part of its features. Martin Modern is in the heart of the city and a premium condominium within the posh residential neighbourhood of Robertson Quay. L3 Homeation (FIBARO Singapore distributor) is awarded to installed the FIBARO smart home system in all its 450 units.

Guocoland Limited, An award-winning developer and a leader of integrated mixed-use developments across Asia, GuocoLand has successfully launched and sold 35 residential projects yielding more than 10,000 apartments and homes for over two decades in Singapore. Focusing on good design and quality buildings, GuocoLand creates successful developments that evolve into meaningful places over time. After meeting up with L3 Homeation, they are convinced that the FIBARO smart home system will add value to its project and L3 Homeation Singapore is the reliable partner to carry out this integration task.

L3 Homeation has completed the installation in installation in the project in 2021 despite the impact of Covid-19.  

L3 Homeation has a long established team and experience to support new projects in smart condo, smart residential or other major IoT system. Contact us today to find out how we can assist you in your new project to increase the value of the property.